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Basketball Spring 2

Throughout the Spring Term, the lunchtime clubs at Marshgate have played host to a range of excellent Basketball games and a whole host of end to end close encounters. From learning new skills in Year 1 through to scoring buzzer shot three pointers in Year 6, each lunchtime club has been completed with the themes of sportsmanship and teamwork at the very core.


Within the Year 1 and Year 2 Basketball clubs, the children have been practising their Basketball control, learning to bounce the ball with their fingertips and to push the ball to waist height. The children were also able to display excellent dribbling skills, learning to move with control and dribble past a defender. Alongside this, the children added to their skill set by learning how to pass the ball with accuracy through practising the chest pass and bounce pass. The Kick London Coaches would like to give a special mention to Patrick in Tadpole Class for his fantastic Basketball control – well done!


The Year 3 lunchtime club was back with a bang as usual. A fast paced and action packed tournament saw a range of excellent matches, all completed with big smiles on everyone’s face! All four teams showed great enthusiasm and teamwork, applying their passing, dribbling and shooting skills into each match. The Year 3 competition went right to the wire, quite literally! With nothing between the top two sides at the end of the group stage, a shootout was required to decide the winners. Despite the winning team taking first place, each of the four teams could hold their heads high knowing that they gave it their all and played extremely well!


The Year 4 Basketball competition lived up to its usual high standards. Each term, the Year 4 lunchtime competitions provide brilliant individual and team displays. These competitions have an equal display of competitiveness and sportsmanship which is great to see! Each game was an action packed encounter with a combination of excellent attacking and defensive displays. The evenly balanced teams led to a very close group stage. As a result, the difference between the teams came down to a couple of moments of brilliance! The winning team took their chances, making their shots from tight angles and capitalising on every opportunity. Well done to everyone involved in this lunchtime club!


The much anticipated Year 5 Basketball lunchtime club competition got off to a flyer. Before 30 seconds were on the clock, free throws and three pointers had been registered, leading to high scoring encounters. The games continued at the same intensity, with high scoring games being the theme of the group stages. However, the winning team maintained their excellent start, putting together an unbeaten run of games throughout the entire competition. Despite a whole host of brilliant come backs from the other teams, the unbeaten run was the deciding factor in claiming the first place finish for the Year 5 competition. This competition provided a great spectacle and it was clear to see that the children thoroughly enjoyed each and every game.


Leadership and teamwork skills were clearly on display throughout the Year 6 Basketball competition. Like the other Basketball competitions, there were many close games with each team displaying a range of impressive performances. However, the winning team were consistent throughout entire competition. With clear individual roles, the winning team was excellent in defence and clinical in their attacking play. This resulted in claiming the first place position.


All of the children incorporated February’s and March’s values of Respect and Integrity extremely well within the Basketball lunchtime clubs. A special mention must be made to the lunchtime leaders who did fantastically well at officiating confidently and fairly throughout. Ben, Ansh and Evie exemplified this through their commitment and enthusiasm within each session.


Mr Sanders, Kick London Lead Coach