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East Richmond Borough Tournament - 6.11.17


On Monday 6 November, Year 4 had a basketball competition.  The tournament was at Christ’s School. The eight schools that played in the tournament were; Marshgate PS, Barnes PS, East Sheen PS, Sheen Mount, Lowther PS, Holy Trinity PS, St Elizabeth’s PS and the Vineyard PS.  The Vineyard were the 2016 champions and the team to beat!

Everybody was nervous because none of us had played in a school tournament with eight teams.  Marshgate players were me, Alex van Dyk (4S), Reece Lory - Captain (4S), Arifa Abu (4S), Amelie Anderson (4S), Felix Kennedy (4D), Shay Tobin (4D), Connor Kervick (4D), Harry Skinner (4G), Jamie Ott (4D) and Oliver Roberts (4G).

When we arrived at Christ’s school we trained for about 10 minutes on shooting and passing in the large indoor basketball hall.  Then we played our first game against Barnes.  There were 4 quarters and each quarter was 4 minutes long.  Our first game was BRILLIANT. We wone 24-0! After, we had a rest for 16 minutes and went back on again.  We played Sheen Mount. They were a bit harder than Barnes but we still won 22-2.  We had another 16 minute rest and we knew that if we wone our next game we were in the FINAL.

Our luck was still with us. We won 8-0 against East Sheen. Everybody was happy because we had won our way to the final against St Elizabeth’s.  The final was hard but we wriggled through with a 12-4 win! Ms Antick could not be happier as we came first! Reece Lory (4S) was our Captain and held up the trophy really proud.  We named him the 3-pointer man as he always shoots from far away and scores amazing goals.  Everyone went back to school. Nobody could believe it. Everyone congratulated us and I have to say we did amazing!!!

Edward Barkus (4S)