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Spring East Richmond Borough Basketball Competition

Year 5 and 6 basketball tournament winners!

As the whole team gathered up in the office, we all excitedly waited to leave. Mrs. Antick, Mr. Murphy and Mr. Sheldon (Skye’s dad) accompanied us to the match, Mr. Sheldon being the coach.


As 9:00am approached, we started to make our way through the freezing morning air. Since Christ’s was only a few minutes away, we quickly arrived but to our dismay we were not the first team to arrive. Trying to obtain the ball quickly, we started warming up, encouraged by Skye’s cheers.


Mean while, the other teams stated to arrive and sooner or later we were surrounded by eight other schools. We were told our groups and the games began. We were in group A which meant we were up against: Lowther primary school and Darrell. Throughout the first match that was played, we watched nervously, observing every movement of our opponent.


After 20 minutes, which seemed like an eternity, we were up against Darrell. From watching them in the first match, we were fairly sure that we were going to win but we still played incredibly .By the end of the match, we were up by 36-0 and were leaping with joy. Next up Lowther.


The first five was on and we began. Within seconds we had scored and the game continued on this way. Our defence was impeccable so Lowther had no opportunity to score and by the end of the match we were up by 32-0.

It was announced that we had come first in our group so we went to play against Sheen Mount and Vineyard to win the cup. The first match was Marshgate vs Sheen Mount. We were all nervous but eager to win and we weren’t going to let Sheen Mount come in our way; we simply saw them as another obstacle. The first quarter whizzed by and we were leading with the score. This gave us a confidence boost.


4 quarters – each lasting 5 minutes – past and we had won that match. Exhausted, we luckily got to rest and watch Vineyard vs Sheen Mount. This matched calmed down our nerves as Sheen Mount beat Vineyard and we were so far in the lead but that didn’t stop us from trying our hardest.


The first quarter flew by and we hoped our anxiety would too but Vineyard was winning 11-4. Mr. Sheldon gave us some points to work on and the second quarter had begun. With numerous shots from all of the players we were soon leading. The tensions rose when all teams gathered to watch it. People on the bench were cheering and playing team was using all their energy and this came into use. Marshgate was leading 24-22 in the last 10 seconds and the second the buzzer went off the whole team was screaming and jumping; we had won! The medals and trophy was presented along with a few drops of tear from Mrs.Antick and Mr.Murphy. Finn Phillips was awarded MVP and scouted for the Under 11 boys team.


In addition, a few days before the Year 3/4 and basketball team took part in the same tournament and did an amazing job coming second. It was a very tight match in the final – congratulations to the Year 3/4 team!


The year 5 and 6 team consisted of:

Skye Swift(c), Durwin Jain, Thomas Woodward, Omar Abdelmoneim, Finn Phillips, Grayson Elliot, Hamza El Mansoury, Yagmur Kavukcuoglu and Mashood Athar.


By Yagmur Kavukcuoglu (6S), Hamza El Mansoury (6S) and Skye Swift (6A)

Autumn East Richmond Basketball Tournament Finalists

Arriving one after another, the basketball team was soon all gathered up in the office, ready to win the cup. For now, we had to keep our energy inside and safely walk to Christ’s school; their hall was where our destination was set for. 


After 5 minutes of skipping/leaping, we arrived at Christ’s, trying to look as intimidating as we could. To our dismay, no one was there but we certainly got to pick where we sat and (without doubt) we chose the best spot. Other schools started to arrive promptly, and we were all soon ready to enter our first match; we were in Group B which meant we were up against St Elizabeths and Lowther but our first match was against St Elizabeths. 


20 minutes of resilient playing and we led our school to and outstanding win but we still had Lowther, a team which we could not predict. Fortunately, we achieved a win and were ready to face Holy Trinity but a break was needed in which we hungrily ate a snack.


Packed with determination, the semi-finals was another obstacle which we had to tackle in order to reach the finals. With our height and amazing team-work, we, yet again, won. Finals here we come! 


Confident but nervous, 5 players from our team entered the court, opposite our greatest rivals, Vineyard. We were both equally great teams but Vineyard was ahead 12-0 in the first quarter. With a little talk to our coaches (Mrs. Antick and Mr. Murphy) their advice certainly pushed us forward but was it enough to allow us to win? 


The last quarter was in action and we were - just by a one point not even a basket - behind. 30 seconds left on the clock and all we had to do was score a basket in order to possibly win. Skye (the team captain) took a half-way shoot but the ball bounced against the two rims and then flew out. We were all exhausted but, on the last second, Finn took a shot in the dark and threw the ball from behind  half-way . It bounced on the rim and then escaped out of the basket. Vineyard had won but (for a few minutes) everyone was confused on who won but Vineyard had narrowly won. By the end, Mrs. Antick and Mr. Murphy could not stop smiling and the supporting parents were all buzzing with excitement. 


Before presenting the cup, from Marshgate’s  own team, Grayson Elliott won M.V.P ( most valuable player) out of all the schools in the competition. He had played amazingly throughout but took on an injury in the finals. The team was: Skye Swift (C), Axel Johnson, Francesca Burgio, Durwin Jain, Grayson Elliott, Finn Phillips, Gunes Kavukcuoglu, Amy Fitch, Yagmur Kavukcuoglu and Omar Abdelmoneim.


By Yagmur Kavukcuoglu