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Handball Autumn 2

Handball Intra-School Competition Autumn 2016


Handball has been the feature of the lunchtime clubs during the past six weeks at Marshgate Primary School. There have been a whole host of spectacular performances and highlights!


Over 150 children took part in the Handball lunchtime clubs in which some children played for the first time whilst others refined and further developed their skills. The children developed a clear understanding of the rules and showcased their newly learnt skills each week through competitions taking place in a round-robin format.


Within the Handball lunchtime clubs, the Year 1 and Year 2 groups had lots of fun learning how to pass and move into space whilst also learning how to play well together as a team. The children engaged within small sided games, taking the role of both defenders and attackers. It was clear to see the progress made from the first week to now. A big well done to these groups!


The Year 3 competition displayed some excellent individual and team performances. The competition was extremely close, however one important victory was the difference between 1st and 3rd place. An excellent all-round performance from Maia Sehgal, Nemo Laukkanen, Felix Kennedy, Connor Kervick, Shay Tobin & Tim Towfighi resulted in their team taking 1st place.


The Year 4 competition took place with great sportsmanship throughout. The winning team, consisting of: Camille Vimont, Demi White, Freddie Luingturnbull, Armando Haxhiu & Oliver Given were in fine form from the very start. They displayed brilliant attacking and defensive play alongside a series of excellent saves from the goalkeeper! Well done!


The Year 5 Handball lunchtime club proved to be of fantastic quality from the very first week to the last. The children showcased a range of brilliant goals to round off some fantastic team moves. The level of competition was very high and Joshua Cassidy, Dominic Luff, Jack Dibb, Harry Oliver, Nelson Kinzler, Val Kim & Amelie Glynn were all key players within their team that led from the front to secure 1st place. The sportsmanship displayed was great to see!


The competition that was decided by the narrowest of margins was the Year 6 Handball competition. Claudia Seddon, Raffael Blain, Jemima McKenzie, Omar Abdelmoneim & Sam Berresford were part of the winning side that displayed great team morale throughout to claim victory. A number of fine finishes, valuable interceptions and excellent saves proved to be the decisive factor.


The children have incorporated November’s and December’s values of ‘Focus’ and ‘Taking Responsibility’ extremely well within the Handball lunchtime clubs. A special mention must be made to the lunchtime leaders who did fantastically well at officiating confidently and fairly with big smiles on their faces throughout. Well done to: Francesca, Ben, Amelie, Dean, Luca, Alpha, Claudia, Audrey, Sahil and Ben.


​Mr Sanders, Kick London Lead Coach