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RISE Swimming Gala


On Tuesday 7th February, we went to the Pools on the Park RISE Swimming Gala. There were lots of people from different schools. There were Secondary Schools as well as Primary schools competing in the races.

Charlotte said “I was a bit nervous, but I looked for Miss Bartlett at the finishing line and swam towards her as fast as I could”. She did a great job and won a bronze medal.

Jess was the first to line up for her race, looking very confident. She swam a brilliant race and came a very close second to win the silver medal. “I felt very happy and proud of myself”.


By Charlotte Burgio (6M) and Jess McFadden (6A)


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Large School Swimming Gala


We left Marshgate at 13:30 to go to Pools on the Park for the gala. We were all really excited and couldn’t wait to start racing. Our first racer was James Alleyne from 4D. We were all cheering for him and he did really well. Then it was Chloe Rew from Year 4 and she did really well too. Our best races were the relays. The racers for the Boys Medley were Tom Lambert (5F), Luca Rapisarda (5F) and Ben Sansbury (5P).

The following took part in the swimming gala: Harry Oliver (5P), Tom Lambert (5F), Ben Sansbury (5P), Joseph Cohen (4D), Chloe Rew (4D), Ellie Rew (5F), Jodie Williamson (3D), James Alleyne (4D), James Matthewson (3D), Francesca Burgio (5P), Luca Rapisarda (5F) and Xenia Laricheva (4G).

Overall, everyone was really pleased and we couldn’t wait to tell everyone about the experience.


By Harry Oliver and Ben Sansbury (5P)


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