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Marshgate versus Barnes


After a good win in the previous week against East Sheen, this match was very close; Barnes just managed to win by just 5 points. The team was made up of Finn Phillips (C); Natasha Drake (VC); Amy Fitch; Flossie Smith; Lola Ireland; Tom Lambert; Thomas Woodward; Aaron Kervick; Rudi Williams and Cameron Ott. After the first half, we were drawing with Barnes, however we let it slip a little bit to end up with Barnes winning 17-12. It was a very exciting match and we have now managed to get into the borough league quarter finals.


By Amy Fitch and Flossie Smith (6M)


Marshgate vs Queen’s - Thursday 19th January

For this match, our team was made of: Finn Phillips(C), Tashy Drake(VC), Lola Ireland, Flossie Smith, Amy Fitch, Alpha Barry, Tom Lambert and Aaron Kervick.

The first half started off brilliantly for both teams, with lots of rapid try-scoring; nevertheless, Marshgate narrowly took the lead after many tries scored by Fin, Cameron and Tom. After plenty more tag-pulling and accurate passes, the whistle to signal the end of the first half blew, leaving a score of 11-8 to Marshgate. After a quick yet encouraging team talk, the match continued.

The second half started off not as well as everyone had hopes, because the team spirits were brought down by Queen’s scoring twice in a row. However, Marshgate began to push for a win, and the match left all spectators on the edge of their seats. Shortly after, Marshgate re-gained their lead and Queen’s were evidently determined to even up the score. One particularly tall boy from Queen’s had an unfortunate collision with Finn, resulting in Finn being taken off due to an injury.

After Mr Slade re-shuffled some of the positions, the match began again with one extra minute added on to the end. With yet more tries being scored ad tags being pulled by Marshgate, the final whistle blew immediately after a phenomenal try had been scored by Tom Lambert on the right wing, resulting in the game ending 20-17 to Marshgate! Congratulations to all the players from Marshgate, and well done to both teams.

By Tashy Drake, 6M

Year 5/6 B-Team Tag Rugby Mini Tournament


On Monday 5th December, the B tag rugby team took part in a mini tournament at Christ school playing field. Everyone was excited and confident for the matches ahead. Lots of parents turned up and our support was amazing. Our first match was against Saint Elizabeth. Both teams were well organised and played very well. It was extremely tight and the final score ended 4-4 with a last second try by Alpha Barry (6A). We came of the pitch with our heads high ready for our next game.


We were resting for the next match as Saint Elizabeth were playing Holy Trinity. It was a very entertaining match but Holy Trinity just scraped the win.


After our rest, we were on again; this time against Holy Trinity. We started the game well, winning a few tries. But HT were fighting back. It was a try infested match. It was extremely close but we won by 7 tries too. The final whistle was a relief for us as Holy Trinity were having a good spell.


The Table resulted like this:















Holy Trinity






Saint Elizabeth






Congratulations to all of the B-Team and thank you to Mr Slade for organising the tournament and coaching us!


By Matthew Barkus (6M) and Eduardo Da Silva (6M) 

Match report

Marshgate vs Sheen Mount



It was a bone-chilling afternoon with the cold wind biting on our hands, making the ball very hard to catch and the tags hard to grasp. Players on the sideline waiting to get subbed in were wrapping up as warm as possible and parents were definitely shivering the most.


After both teams had warmed up, the game commenced with Sheen Mount starting with the ball. The game got off to a worrying start, with Sheen Mount scoring in the first possession. Two minutes later, it was 2-2 and the people who scored for Marshgate were Cameron Ott (6M) and Natasha Drake (6M). As the game approached the half way mark, the score was 9-7 to Marshgate and in that time, seven convincing tries were scored for our team and five were awarded to Sheen Mount. These try scorers for Marshgate were: Cameron (twice), Finn Phillips (6M), Lola Ireland (6M), Flossie Smith (6M) and there was a very special try from Finn.       


Unfortunately, at the start of the second half, Marshgate gave the ball straight back to Sheen Mount which led to a try of their own. It was a very back and forth game in the second half and there were certainly a lot of tries. A highlight of the second half was when Tom Lambert (5F) did an amazing run, zigzagging down the wing with blistering speed for a spectacular try. Nearing the end of that half and match, the score was 17-16 to Marshgate with 2 minutes remaining. Everything was very tense and in the last minute, Sheen Mount scored one final try much to the dismay of the Marshgate supporters and players. The final whistle blew and players from both teams shook hands, feeling ambivalent about the draw.


Evan Little (6S)

Marshgate versus Holy Trinity

Match report

Holy Trinity vs Marshgate

Thursday 3rd November


Match day was cold and overcast but luckily there was no rain. Mr Slade coached the Marshgate team and, thanks to all the training they had done, they had a very good game.


Holy Trinity started with the ball but straight away, Marshgate turned it over and they suddenly gained possession. The first try came from Finn Phillips (6M) with a great run from just in front of the half way line. Five turnovers later, Natasha Drake (6M) and Thomas Woodward (6S) bagged their tries to help lift the team to a possible victory. Only one minute later, Holy Trinity answered back with a try for themselves, but Marshgate wasn’t letting that knock them down. Lola Ireland (6M) scored an important try to keep spirits high. After an energetic five minutes, the score became 6-2 to Marshgate with Holy Trinity scoring once and two tries for Marshgate. These tries, for Marshgate, were scored by Thomas L (year 5) and Cameron Ott (6M). There were also eight turnovers in this time, so it was turning out to be a game of end-to-end stuff. Surprisingly, during the four minutes left in the first half, there was only one turnover! However, lots of tries were scored as Holy trinity scored another three and four more to Marshgate, delivered by Thomas L, Cameron (twice) and Finn. The scores on the doors at half time were Marshgate 10 and Holy Trinity 5.


After a team talk from Mr Slade, the team lined up to start the second half. Things didn’t go quite according to plan as Holy Trinity scored right away. Two turnovers and two tries later, the score became 11-7 to Marshgate with Holy Trinity scoring once and the substitute speedster Alpha Barry (6A) scoring once as well. After that, there was a run of seven tries with Holy Trinity scoring three times and Marshgate putting four more on the scoreboard. This high speed game continued its pace with Finn scoring one try and there being seven turnovers in two minutes. Entering the last five minutes of the match, the score was 16-10 to Marshgate but it was still quite a close game. In these last couple of minutes, both Holy Trinity and Marshgate managed to score three tries each. Our try scorers were Alpha and Finn.


The final score ended up being 19-13 to Marshgate. Mr Slade’s team managed to beat Holy Trinity with a convincing win and definitely a victory that would boost them in the table. There were some strong performances from Cameron, Finn, Alpha and Lola but all the players had a positive game and worked together as a team.  In addition, the wings were used extremely well and this was why it was a high-scoring game.  Congratulations to the team!


Evan Little (6S)



12th October 2016

Marshgate storm to semi-finals in the borough tournament 


We woke up early knowing that if we played well we could compete with the very best at the borough competition. At 8:30 a.m. we trudged down to London Scottish Rugby Ground to meet the Marshgate rugby team and Mr Slade. 


We were drawn into group 4 along with Bishop Perrin, Chase Bridge, St Elizabeth’s, Trafalgar and St Osmunds. Our first match was against Bishop Perrin and with the help of our good spirit and Cameron scoring numerous tries we won 8-4. Top of the group and heads held high, we faced Trafalgar and won convincingly 8-3. Our next match was against Chase Bridge where once again we won by a huge margin 8-4. Our hardest match yet was about to take place - we were facing our rivals St Elizabeth’s. We seemed to deserve to win but due to a few knock ons and bad passes it ended equal: 5-5. Our final match was a very competitive game versus St Osmunds, which ended in a fair result of a draw.


At lunch time things didn’t look good, our captain Finn had hurt his leg in the last match but he had carried on going. Lunch cheered us all up, especially Aaron, who had been begging Mr Slade just to have a small snack. Everyone was happy because once we had finished lunch; we were able to have some free time and kick the ball in the air, hoping that someone would catch it.


Once lunch finished, we realised that we had topped our group which meant we were playing a 3rd place team – Collis. We beat them with ease 6-3 which meant we were in the quarter finals, St Stephens - our opposition - were a lot harder to play against; they were strong, fast and altogether a great team. Luckily, we worked together well and scraped a win: 5-3. This meant we were in the semi-finals of the cup.  This time we had met our match - St Mary’s CE Primary School; we tried our best but they were just too good on the day. We narrowly lost 5-3. To their credit, St Mary’s went on to win the cup. We settled for achieving semi-finalists but we look forward to aiming even higher in the league competition this year!


Our team: Finn Phillips (C), Tashy Drake, Cameron Ott, Flossie Smith, Amy Fitch, Tom Woodward, Lola Ireland, Aaron Kervick and Tom Lambert.


By Rudi Williams


29th September

Marshgate v Holy Trinity friendly fixture

The team for our first match was made up of: Finn Phillips (C), Flossie Smith, Tashy Drake, Lola Ireland, Cameron Ott, Rudi Williams, Aaron Kervick, Tom Lambert, Amy Fitch and Tom Woodward. With a finishing score of 19-13, Marshgate gained their first win of the season. Both teams played extremely well, cheered on by supportive parents and the B-Team, who were training with Mr Hobbins meanwhile.

In the first few minutes, Holy Trinity and Marshgate both scored a try, leaving an even score of 1-1. Many more tries were scored by both teams in the first half, including four brilliant tries by Flossie Smith, Finn Phillips, Lola Ireland and Rudi Williams, giving an overall score of 9-8 to Holy Trinity.

After a quick team talk, the second half started. To Marshgate’s advantage, Holy Trinity tired in the second half. After lots of tag-pulling and try-scoring, both teams were even for the most of the second half. Suddenly, a brilliant try was scored by Tom Woodward, in which Cameron sprinted forwards with the ball before passing to Finn, who was tagged and made a pass to Tom, who then finally ran quickly ahead and placed the ball on the ground.

Also well done to Aaron Kervick and Tom Lambert, the only two Year 5s in the team, who used their speed to gain us yet more tries. After a great team effort, all members of the team went home triumphant, after their first win of the season.

By Tashy Drake, 6M