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Active Challenge

In May 2019, Marshgate signed up to the Active school membership. This resource encourages the implementation of more activity and movement into daily school life. The Governments new 30:30 plan to ensure children get at least 30 minutes of directed activity in school and 30 minutes of directed activity at home each day. Marshgate are committed to ensuring our pupils recieve this provision. 

The website helps ensure this thropugh lesson planning which incorprates movement along with daily 'active blasts' to get children moving. 


In Summer 1 half term 2019, The whole school competed against each other in an 'Active Challenge'. Classes earned points dpeending on their level of activity, eg 1 point for an active blast, 2 points for an active lesson.


Congratulations to 4D who won with a total score of 26 points. 


Class 3H - Active Pioneers

We know the benefits of exercise on our health, both physical and mental and on academic performance. To encourage children to be more active, Class 3H participated in the "Imoves Active Schools Challenge". This was a 4 week challenge where children had to complete activities of moderate to vigorous intensity, earning points depending on the type of activity they completed.

Every morning at 8.45, children would take part in a "Daily blast" physical activity. These activities would range from "Jungle pilates", "Whole body blasts" or "Samba Carnival".

In addition to this, some curriculum lessons such as English and Maths were tailored to incorporate more activity and movement into their learning.


The children were really motivated to complete the challenge and loved taking part in all the different activities.


Here they are pictured with their certificates from Imoves certifying them as "Active Pioneers".


Well done children of 3H.