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Community Consultations

Thank you so much to all the parents/carers (and class reps who garnered opinions) who took part in the summer consultation on the Marshgate Vision. As part of this large piece of research work I also fully consulted governors, staff and children.  Visits to other Outstanding Schools in Richmond and other boroughs and in-depth reading into recent research about the way forward for Outstanding Schools were also undertaken.

I am delighted to report this research has highlighted many areas where we all agree Marshgate School has strengths. All the above stakeholders concur that we want our “Marshgate Children” to be happy, moral, positive, independent, multi-lingual and caring.

The documents below make interesting reading, especially the children’s, please do have a look.  One outcome, in particular, that this work has led to, was the revision of Marshgate Schools Aims and Values statement.  This is available for you to see now in the key information section of the website.

Overall the consultation led us to the:


  • knowledge of how much we do already on all fronts
  • acknowledgement that we need to ring fence our high academic results and excellent progress and not choose any initiatives or implement additional and extra activities that would compromise these
  • acknowledgement that ensuring outstanding learning and teaching is our core purpose
  • acknowledgement that learning beyond the curriculum enhances and contributes to high achievement and progress


The consultation also highlighted things we all felt could do with re-emphasising or exploring more. The following list addresses many suggestions raised by you all. Over the coming years we will aspire to deliver on these.


  • Equal opportunities in all areas academic, extracurricular and achievement regardless of personal circumstances
  • Enhancing ICT provision – Leading school status/state of the art equipment and curriculum
  • Emphasis on PHSCE especially respect for the school, others, the world
  • Learner Centred School – both pupils and teachers learning
  • Responsibility taught as partner of entitlement
  • Continued direct teaching of Responsibility and Respect
  • Developing Autonomous learners
  • Wider community involvement extended and more International Links
  • Even more music!  Could it be possible that every child has access to learning an individual instrument?
  • RE Focus – respect but also teaching of moral code common to all religions
  • Exploration of direct Happiness Teaching
  • Keeping small community school feel
  • More animals, class pets / pet day, visits etc
  • More cooking
  • KS2 playground development
  • More cross year / Key stage work and play


Thank you once again for all your contributions to this consultation.  All opinions given were valued and included.  I hope you find them of interest below. 


Ms Jackson, Head Teacher