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Cross Country

The Boys Cross Country Race

We left Marshgate in a light mood, excitedly babbling amongst one another. We walked for about 30 minutes before arriving at our destination (near Pembroke Lodge.) The group of twelve children spent half an hour warming up and then it was time for the girls race. All the boys in the Marshgate team were cheering vivaciously for their teammates.


The race began! All of the girls set off quickly (especially Caeley, who shot off.) As the girls went out of sight, the rest of the party trooped over to the finish line to wait for the runners. Finally we saw the first competitor who was panting – but still going. Three more racers went by before… CAELEY!


Finally it was time for the boys race to start. All of the boys representing Marshgate had to line up in a sin-gle file line. Ready… Steady… GO!!


I raced ahead, my head held high as I was representing my school. The first minute or so passed very quickly, with a lot of argy bargy but I came out unscathed. About five minutes went by and I was in fourth place; with the finish line in my sight. Then disaster struck when I lost my footing ten feet from the line. During the two-second period, I lost 4 places and ended in 8th place out of 177 (so not too bad really!)

Overall, it was a fabulous experience and I would happily do it again.


Benjamin Coats, 6A


The Girls Cross Country Race

As we walked up the road, our minds were racing. We babbled happily, in spite of our nervousness, and sang countless melodies. Although our tummies were churning with perturbation, we tried to keep the happy and enjoyable mood. In our minds we were probably thinking the worst, but with the motivation of our fellow peers, our parents, Mrs Macpherson and Mr Gerber, we knew that we could do it.


Subsequently, we were ready and raring to go. The girls went first and it was a very tense moment for all the competitors that took part.


"On your marks. Get set. Go!" the announcer said and a sea of people took off like a shot. The course was muddy, hard and slippery. Grass kept biting at our legs like little ants. Demi Flack, Lauren Dawson and Cae-ley James had a good start. Everyone else soon picked up pace but everyone felt like they were wearing lead boots on their feet. As we all saw the finish line, we sprinted with all our might. Then it was over.


The relief of seeing our parents and our coaches was overwhelming. We flopped down on the grass; we were so tired that we didn’t mind the strands of green straw that were itching our backs. The world spun but we managed to stand up for the team photo.


Caeley James, 6A