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English as an Additional Language

Support for children with English as an Additional Language


At Marshgate we strongly believe speaking more than one language is an asset and, as a school with over forty languages spoken, we are proud of our diversity.  Through teaching and learning we provide extra support for those who need it to achieve competence and then fluency in all aspects of using English and we are well used to helping new arrivals settle happily whilst also coming to terms with the finer details of another language.  Support is provided within the classroom through carefully planned activities and at times children who are new may work in smaller groups with a qualified support teacher. As well as this, children receive specific support in class to integrate fully into the school community and to be able to fully access the excellent learning within Marshgate.


We are very proud of our language learning curriculum at Marshgate. We have always taught French in the classroom from Year 1 to Year 6, long before teaching languages became a compulsory subject. From September 2014, it has been a legal requirement that all primary schools teach a foreign language to key stage 2. We welcomed this and since then have continued to provide fun, engaging and interactive sessions from key stage 1 to ensure we instil an appreciation and love for another culture and language.