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Football Spring 1

Football Lunchtime Clubs report from Jonathan Sanders Kick London Lead Coach


Over the past six weeks, the lunchtime clubs at Marshgate Primary School have seen a whole host of fantastic footballing performances all the way from the Year 1 groups through to the Year 6 groups.


Every lunchtime club was completed with great sportsmanship and respect; one of Kick London’s core values. Within the Football sessions, each child was able to develop their skills and apply these within a game situation through competitions taking place in a round-robin format. Throughout the Football lunchtime clubs, the Year 1 and Year 2 groups had lots of fun learning how to dribble the ball with control and pass and move into space. The children learnt how to work as a team and apply their skills within small-sided games. The mini competitions enabled the children to showcase their excellent skills in which all of the children completed the sessions with big smiles on their faces.


The Year 3 competition displayed some excellent individual and team performances. This competition went all the way to the wire with a couple of decisive moments being the difference between first and second place. Each game was completed with maximum effort and it was clear to see that everyone was giving their best to help their team. A big well done to all of the Year 3 children!


The Year 4 competition provided even more excellent performances. This has been the theme of all of the Year 4 lunchtime competitions to date. Each team battled until the full time whistle in which they displayed excellent team work alongside some outstanding individual performances. The margin between first and fourth place was minimal as the standard of the competition was very high. Well done to the Year 4 group!


The much anticipated Year 5 Football lunchtime club competition got off to a fast pace. Early goals and brilliant attacking play led to a high scoring draw. Within the next round of matches, the children worked together excellently and displayed some heroic defensive performances to earn their team a valuable draw. The competition was so close that it was decided by a one goal margin with second and third place finishing level on points and goals scored.


A penalty shootout decided the winners of the Year 6 competition by the narrowest of margins. Each game was completed at the highest intensity with a string of great saves by the goalkeepers keeping their team’s competition winning hopes alive. The winning team embodied the value of Perseverance as despite going a couple of goals down, they fought back to claim three valuable points, leading to a penalty shootout to determine the competition winners.


The children have incorporated January’s and February’s values of Perseverance and Respect very well within the Football lunchtime clubs. A special mention must be made to the lunchtime leaders who did fantastically well at officiating confidently and fairly throughout.