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Gymnastics Key Stage Steps Competitions 2018


Friday 23 March 2018, James Alleyne, Lola Williams, Sophia Rickless, Xenia Laricheva, Oliver Skinner and Fred Luing-Turnbull took part in Key Steps gymnastics competition, held at St James’s. We had to learn three different routines to present to the judges, and we all got marked out of ten. If you scored the highest mark out of all the schools (girls and boys separate) then you would win a medal, James won a gold one. Over all we came second which was a great shock to all of us – including the teachers – as we have never come this high up on the leader board before. Further congratulations to James who was the highest scoring boy in the competition.


The year 3 and 4 team also took part in their own competition in the morning. The team was made up with Stella Tzekova, Charis Wilson, Lily-Belle Williams, Amber Jarvis, Roshan Abu and Felix Kennedy. The children did very well performing all of their routines. A special mention should be given to Lily-Belle who was placed 3rd overall in the girl’s competition.


We all want to say a big thank you to Mr Hobbins and Mr Sanders from Kick London for always believing in us and for supporting us when we found things hard. We also want to thank St James’s for holding the competition and the parents for taking us there.


By Sophia Rickless and Xenia Laricheva

The KS1 gymnastics team took part in the Key Steps Gymnastics Festival on Friday 23rd of March at St James' Catholic Primary School. The children from Marshgate competed excellently in all categories; the Vault, Body Management and Floor Routine. All the children had a great time and enjoyed the experience.

The squad was Sofia Pilkington, Emilia Anstey, Ashrith Krishna, Phoebe Keung, Daniel Rees and Alize Zeybek,

Well done to Phoebe Keung who won the outstanding gymnast award for Marshgate!



On Friday 24th March, some of the Year 2 children had a lovely morning at St James's Primary School, attending the Key Stage 1 Gymnastics Festival. The children all had a really enjoyable time and have learnt some new key skills within gymnastics, as well as being given a certificate for participation. We were even lucky enough to have a few older children, who were helping out with the festival, show us some of their amazing routines for the children to aspire to! We took part in all areas of the festival, these included: vault, floor and body management routines. The children attended weekly practice sessions to perfect their routines ready for the festival. Congratulations to all the seven Year 2 children who took part - you did Marshgate proud!


Miss Sharman