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Handball Autumn 2

Handball Intra-School Competition 2018


School Games Level 1

The second round of the autumn lunchtime clubs at Marshgate Primary School provided each year group with the opportunity to take part in exciting and fast-paced Handball sessions. It has been fantastic to see each and every session filled with such enthusiasm!


Moving on from the skills that they have learnt within the Tag Rugby lunchtime clubs, the Year 1 and Year 2 groups gained more confidence in their technique of how to hold the ball, how to pass using the correct technique and move into a new space quickly. It was clear to see the progress made from the first week to the last with the children working together in teams to achieve their goal. The mini competition in the final session was a real highlight for everyone involved! The children were able to show off the skills that they had learnt over the weeks with a number of standout performances in high scoring encounters!


The Year 3 and Year 4 lunchtime clubs are always completed with a great sense of excitement and the Handball lunchtime clubs were no exception! The sessions provided the children with the opportunity to play mini competitions each week in which the teams showcased excellent teamwork and sportsmanship throughout. The Goalkeeping position was one that was highly sort after by each child in which the children made some incredible saves to help their teams! When they weren’t in goal making amazing goal-line saves, the children were working excellently as a team with lots of quick passing and moving into spaces. Well done to each of the Year 3 and Year 4 children that took part in the Handball lunchtime clubs!


For the Year 5 and Year 6 Handball lunchtime clubs, teamwork was an ever-present theme throughout each of the sessions. The children moved the ball around court extremely quickly, turning defence into attack. The mini competitions each week provided high scoring games in abundance with end to end play throughout. Both the Year 5 and Year 6 groups demonstrated excellent leadership and teamwork qualities. Well done to all who took part within the Handball lunchtime clubs.


The children incorporated November and December’s values of ‘Diligence’ and ‘Responsibility’ extremely well within the lunchtime clubs. It has been great to see each child challenge themselves to learn more and develop whether that be through playing, officiating or coaching. Nelson, Luca, Zach, Aaron, Lola and Camille were brilliant examples of this by officiating within each of the sessions and being great role models to the younger children.


Mr Sanders, Lead Coach for Kick London