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Helping your child with Mathematics

Maths at home and Family Maths toolkit are great resources for showing methods your child will be being taught as part of the maths curriculum (for more information on what your children learn when, click here) and thinking of how to incorporate maths at home. Please click on the pictures to open the websites:



Marshgate subscribes to mymaths (which is sometimes used for homework higher up the school) which is a great website for revising/learning different areas of maths, separated by curriculum strand (found on the left hand side once logged in). If your child does not have a log-on and you would like to use this resource, please speak to your child's teacher or the maths co-ordinator, Mr Aylett.


Nrich is a fantastic free website which looks at maths in a creative, challenging and thought-provoking manner and one which really challenges children's understanding and mastery of different areas of maths.



The document below is year group specific and lists some ideas for using and applying maths skills at home.

Times Tables

One key area of maths which parents often ask for guidance in is times tables and how to learn these. The knowledge and understanding of these underpins many other areas of maths studied in primary school and beyond and from June 2020, year 4 children will take part in statutory tests checking children know their tables up to 12 x 12.


Please find links below to a few useful games and websites we have found are helpful for the children to use when practising (Times Tables Rockstars requires a username and password which can be supplied by your child's teacher).



In addition to these games, the following two websites offer a number of approaches for parents to think about which are useful for when learning/practising is not on the computer. Many of the ideas and strategies listed are ones that your child will also be being taught in class. As with any area of maths, please feel free to speak to your class teacher or the maths co-ordinator, Mr. Aylett for advice or support.