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Remote Home Learning

Remote Home Learning 2021

Whole School Closure



  • Marshgate Primary’s Safeguarding policy applies equally in school and to all Remote Learning.
  • All children and staff should be appropriately dressed and in an appropriate place (no pyjamas or bedrooms).  If a child presents inappropriately they will be excluded from the meeting immediately and parents informed.
  • No one to one virtual meetings with children are permitted.
  • Backgrounds must be appropriate.
  • Children will always be supervised online by a staff member during any live teaching.



  • To provide all aspects of outstanding teaching and learning as close as possible to in class learning.
  • To deliver the planned curriculum, supporting the application of new knowledge and skills.
  • To continue excellent teaching through, questioning, eliciting and reflective discussion.
  • To enable pupils to receive feedback on their work and know how to progress.



  • Year 2 to Year 6 will use Google classroom as an interactive teaching platform.
  • Reception and Year 1 will use Seesaw as an interactive teaching platform.
  • Alternative printed materials will be provided/delivered for those who need it.
  • Children with SEN or EAL will be provided with differentiated teaching and learning materials.
  • Live teaching including teaching videos and voiced PowerPoints will be provided.
  • All work will be uploaded by, at least, 8.00am on day of teaching/learning is required.
  • Teachers will provide live teaching meets:


  1. To set and teach the day’s learning - at 9.00am or 9.30am (whole class).
  2. To review children’s submitted work and teach / address misconceptions – afternoon x two meets – appropriate groupings / 30-40 minutes per group – time as needed.  Groups may be larger for older children or smaller for the younger children but every child will have this academic review meet at least once a day.
  3. Children should complete the set work before the teaching review meets. All work is compulsory. Children may upload work or present at google meets.
  4. Teachers will assess completed work, feedback and ensure progression during afternoon teaching meets.



  • Home learning will start on Day 1 of isolation / quarantine.
  • Teachers will know which children need a computer loan, in advance and these children will be provided with a laptop. (List with Deputy Head Teacher).
  • Parents can also request computer loans or IT support through their teacher.
  • All teachers will consult the SENCO to ensure children are appropriately challenged.
  • The SENCO, subject leaders and the Senior Leadership Team will monitor all home learning.