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Information about the PSA for new Parents

How parents and carers can support the PSA’s fundraising efforts


Essentially as a PSA Team we aim to provide the structure and planning behind a myriad of events across the academic year that appeal to both the children and parents/carers from the school community. In order to accomplish these events, we often ask for both people's time and donations/items based on the theme or event we are running.


We have had some feedback that parents/carers who are not regularly at drop off or pick up find that they cannot contribute as easily as they would like. We acknowledge that on occasion giving cash for things is a much easier process and often class reps will gather money for non-PSA related activities such as staff presents at Christmas and at the end of the Year.


Class Reps, who know their parent/carer group well may suggest that a cash donation towards a themed event might be easier than giving a small item. Clubbing together as a group usually yields some very impressive hampers and wheel of fortune prizes. In this scenario the donation to the PSA is the item funded by the group and not the cash contribution towards its purchase.


Please consider how you might be able to contribute. This may be through your employment, family connections, social contacts or recreational activities that you can access goods or services, either as a one-off or a regular contribution going forward.


Our hope is that what you identify could be auctioned or raffled to raise funds at an event such as the Winter Party, Quiz Night or Summer Fair.


We have suggested a few things below in case this helps trigger any ideas:

  • Offering a specialist set of skills for a defined period of time or activity, e.g. architect, builder, electrician, personal trainer, interior design, gardener, beautician
  • Goods, e.g. vouchers, books, tickets to an event, membership, days out, coffee, wine, lunch or dinner
  • Discounted goods or services, as per the above


We hope to build up an inventory of goods and services available to us that we can spread across the various events and activities scheduled throughout the year.


If you wish to donate to the PSA online, Golden Giving is a free service we use to enable this. 100% of your donation will go to the PSA.


We hope that this helps to give a clearer understanding of how you can support the PSA’s fundraising efforts. If you do have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on and we’d be delighted to help.

With thanks for your continued support.