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Year 5 Multisport Competition


In January, 20 children enjoyed taking part in the annual multisport festival run by Christ’s Secondary School. The following children took part:


5P – Jack Dibb, Teo Marinov, Ben Sansbury, Sadie Woodley, Audrey Bullard, Kush Verma, Josh Luff, Sofia Summers, Evie Hussey and Abby Pearce.


5F – Dominic Luff, Brandon Hislop, Rodrigo Booth-Dos Santos, Josh Cassidy, Hasna Khalil, Amyra Penaherrera, Kamilla Khusnutdinova, Ella Cox, Lily-Belle Moore and Zach Wilson.


The Christ's School multi-sport championships


On the 13th of January 2017 the Christ's Secondary School Multi-Sport Challenge was held with schools around Richmond competing. Ten children from Year 5 were selected to take part in the event. When the day finally arrived we all got up feeling excited and strolled happily to school in our P.E. gear. Mrs Antick came into each Year 5 classroom to collect the students who were taking part on behalf of Marshgate Primary School. We all lined up outside each classroom ready to take the easy stroll over the road. When we arrived we trekked into the office, the receptionist kindly escorted us to the main hall.

The hall was large, impressive and filled with sports activities for the morning. It was so big that our voices echoed. Our faces beamed with happiness as we looked around at the different activities we were going to attempt whilst eyeing-off the medals lying neatly on the judging table. Hurriedly, we took off our coats and were allocated into groups for each of the starting activities. There were about eight different courses and activities that we would have to complete during the morning with our team competing against all of the others. The students of Christ's School organised and ran the event which involved them showing us what to do for each activity and made us feel really welcome. Some of the activities were quite easy, for example the relay race. Others were more challenging such as racing across a balance beam with a beanbag on our heads!

Everyone had lots of fun, we even got to do a special dance at the end. Many thanks to Christ's for inviting us to participate in such a fun event.


By Audrey Bullard, Year 5