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Head Teacher letter from Ms Jackson

Dear Parents and Carers,


We will be delighted to welcome back all children and families on Monday, 8th March.  I expect the children will be very excited to get back as, I’m sure, will the parents!


Just a few reminders for a safe return.  We will be returning with all Covid safe measures in place, just as we had before Christmas. These will include:

  • Staggered entry and exits - as these worked so well before Christmas, the times have been changed slightly to allow for quicker entry and exits and more class learning time. Please see grid attached. The faster entry / exit times will make it easier to drop off/pick up one child and then go around the school, via the gates and pavements (not interior playgrounds/ paths) for the other children. Should any siblings have the same times, the staff will keep the children at the drop off point until you arrive. If any gap of thirty minutes + happens between siblings, please as before, contact your class teacher to make arrangements for holding these children. 
  • Do make sure you continue to maintain social distances, wear masks, enter and exit quickly. For these systems to work, it is essential that all drop offs / pick -ups are on time.  Please do not wait, chat outside the school gates or surrounding pavements.
  • Year Group Bubbles - all children will be in year group Covid Safe bubbles, as before, with their own staff and playground space.
  • Classrooms will be set up with desks facing front and children spaced as much as possible. Classrooms will be well ventilated, windows open etc.
  • Children will continue to need their own pencil case, hand gel, small pack of tissues, and hygiene wipes and of course their own filled water bottle. Some of these items will already be in school from before Christmas but do check after the first day if they need replenished.
  • Afterschool care with Mrs Brooks will start for Year 2 to – Year 6 on Monday, 8th March. Please contact her on to book.
  • Bright Horizons Pre and After Care, please contact them on 0208 332 2085.
  • Pre and after school extra curriculum clubs if possible will restart after Easter, information to follow.
  • Lessons - all lessons will be taught including PE.  Teachers will be in touch with days. We will continue with permitting all children to come into school in PE Kit on PE days. Please see PE uniform requirements on the website.
  • School Uniform - full school uniform should be worn at all times.  Please see website for school uniform policy.
  • School dinners and packed lunches - KS2 will eat their packed lunches provided from home or by Harrisons in their own classroom bubble.  Reception and KS1 can have a school dinner or home provided packed lunch in the school hall.  A sign up survey for Reception and KS1 hot school dinners and KS2 Harrisons packed lunches will be sent out shortly. 
  • Attendance - Attendance is compulsory.
  • Covid infections - should a Covid case be notified in any bubble, staff or children, the whole year group bubble will have to return to remote learning and isolate for ten days.  Let’s hope this doesn’t happen.
  • Covid Testing - all staff will self-administer Lateral Flow Covid tests twice a week. Primary school children are not required to do this.


Please can parents return all borrowed computers on the first day back, 8th March? These can be left at the school office. We will need these for teaching.


To note, on Friday, 5th March, teachers will deliver the morning live introductory lesson and set independent work for the rest of the day.  They will then be in school preparing for the full return of the children on Monday, 8th March.


I would ask all families to continue to observe the national social distancing rules outside of school, at home.  In this way and with all of the above measures it would be wonderful to avoid any Year Group Bubble having to return to isolation and home learning.


As ever, I am optimistic that the summer term will be a return to a more normal situation. All of the staff are so looking forward to seeing the children in school.


Best wishes.


E T Jackson


Ms Jackson

Head Teacher