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To be inspired and be inspiring

News from the Art Leader pupils

A big welcome to our new Art Leaders!


Each class, across the school, nominated two children to act as Art Leaders. Their role is to help promote, lead and inspire all children to take part in ‘The Arts’.  - Miss Duong and Mrs Waller


Hello, we have recently been chosen to work as Art Leaders for the school. We have meetings and try to improve ‘The Arts’ in Marshgate School. Our main aim is to make the arts more enjoyable and encourage to take part in ‘The Arts.’ We have worked together to create core arts values for the school.


We have discussed, so far, how to incorporate ‘The Arts’ into more of our lessons. We have thought of many ideas to make ‘The Arts’ more interesting. Furthermore, we are trying to make these ideas come alive.

We have put craft and drama boxes in the Key Stage 2 playground. We are looking into installing them in the Key Stage 1 playground and have thought carefully about what goes into them. We are excited to teach the children how to use them!


To conclude, we are very happy to have been chosen as Art Leaders and we will try our hardest to promote ‘The Arts’ in school.


By Paula, Ariana and Rohan Year 6