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Year 4 Geography Homework – Mapping Skills


This half term, we have been learning about mapping skills in Geography.  We would like you to create a project about a country of your choice. This could be in the form of a booklet, a poster, a presentation, a model or any other form you can think of.  Your work could be handwritten or typed on the computer.  You may want to research your project using books or the internet, but please make sure your work is in your own words!


Like your previous projects, you should include lots of relevant information and pictures.  You may want to include a front cover, contents page and glossary if it is in the form of a book. 


Please read the following carefully and if you have any questions please come and talk to your class teacher.


Date Due: 21st  April


Here are some suggestions of areas you might focus on.  You may want to choose one of these areas to look at in detail or you may wish to write about more than one area:


Maps of towns/cities in your chosen country

Famous Landmarks

Comparisons with our local environment


Food and drink

Famous people from the country