Primary School

To be inspired and be inspiring


Spring Term 1 Project

(Speeches to be handed in on Monday 24th February and performed in class that week)


As part of your homework this half term, we are also asking you to write a speech. You can pick any topic - it could be a persuasive speech about why children should be allowed chocolate in school or your ideas to make the world a better place. However, it could also just be about a particular interest of yours. Try to make your speech different and stand out from all the others.


Some useful sentence openers                  




My passion for.....

Of course,


For example ……

Look at …………

Take the case of …..

In conclusion,

To sum up,


Lastly, you will be performing your speech in front of your class and, after a class vote, the most popular speeches will be performing in front of the whole year group and a panel of judges (Mr Mollett, Mrs Ashveer and Mr Farrelly) so you will also need to think about your performance – eye contact, use of expression, cue cards, props, costumes and/or possibly a set of PowerPoint slides behind you to help engage your audience. After judging, there will be winners and prizes for the best speeches.


As with all project work this is not compulsory however, we appreciate everyone’s effort.


Many thanks,

Mrs Ashveer, Mr Mollett and Mr Farrelly