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Year 3 Spring Project Work: Scientists and Inventors

During this term, we will be asking the children to produce a project based on our Science Topic: Scientists and Inventors. We will continue to study the topic, however, by carrying out this project we hope the children’s knowledge and understanding will deepen and also their love, enthusiasm and thirst for learning and discovery.


We would like the children to produce a project on a famous scientist of their choice.


The children can put their project together however they wish. The can create PowerPoint presentations, physical projects with displays of the information, photographs etc or even a practical demonstration to display the science that their scientists is famous or known for. They are encouraged to use a variety of secondary sources including the internet, the local library and family/friends for information. We do ask that whatever information the children gather, should be re-worded into text they understand.



Completing a project is not compulsory. It is up to the children how much they want to do and that the work is that of the children’s but it would be excellent for all children to work hard and produce a lovely project for us to share amongst the Year group.


The project will be due in the week of Monday May 11th. Please do not bring the projects in before this week.