Primary School

To be inspired and be inspiring

Swan Photos

Habitat Dioramas

Tara's amazing polar habitat
Detail of Tara's polar habitat
Norwegian mountain with elk, deer and arctic fox.
Tobias used moss, branches, rocks, and brambles.
Aki's 'Under The Sea'  diorama
Aki used iron beads, origami and rocks
Emmy's rabbit meadow diorama
Emmy even made a burrow for the rabbits
Sammy's Rainforest diorama
Mara's Savannah
Inspired by mum's trip to a Savannah
Avyaya's Under The Sea habitat
Fabulous detail Avyaya!
Karen's Rainforest
Gamze's Desert
The Wetlands London by Thomas
Stefan's wonderful  diorama
Ela's rainforest  diorama
Fabulous design Ela!
Rory's Under The Sea diorama
Super detail Rory
Millie's jungle habitat
Jon's tree house diorama
Jake's jungle diorama

Year 2 Bake Off!

Super cinnamon swirls
Oscar's yummy Toy Story birthday cake
Stefan's superb cupcakes
Chocolate art inspired by Jackson Pollack
Amazing Aki's Macha Chiffon cake
Arash's yummy cake
Let's get mixing
Dinosaur cookie cutting
Delicious dinosaur cookies
Mrs Mac's french bread
Mrs Mac's lemon souffles
Lana's scrumptious Ferrero Rocher
Marta making crumble
Delicious rhubarb crumble
Lots of sprinkes!
Very yummy
Team Salem with delicious Toy Story cup cakes
Mix everythng up nicely
Looking good
Look what I made!
These need sprinkles
The finished Chocolate lollies
Beautiful cup cakes
Just need to decorate them
Olivia's fabulous watermelon cupcake!
Delicious brownies Mrs Forrester
Scrumptious muffins Mrs Forrester
Mr Gerber's artfully arranged banana bread
Jon's amazing, exquisite, excellent  cookies!
Mara's vegan pancakes
Just add a touch of delicious jam.
Maybe some strawberries...
Eh viola! The perfect pancake.
Here's the recipe for you to try at home.
Let's get cracking!
Looking good
even better

Year 2 Bake Off!

Team Sheldrick
Gingerbread Men
Arya's blueberry chocolate brownies
Arya's  finished brownies
Emmy and  Liv decorate their yummy chocolate cake
Made with love!