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Tag Rugby Autumn1

Best of luck to the Marshgate Tag rugby squad who are competing in the Borough Competition in Teddington on Wednesday 16th of October. 

Tag Rugby Lunchtime Clubs 


The lunchtime clubs within the Autumn Term got off to a flying start at Marshgate Primary School. It has been fantastic to see each session played with great team spirit and sportsmanship being an ever-present theme throughout.


The Year 1 and Year 2 groups had lots of fun learning how to hold the ball, how to carry the ball and how to pass using the correct technique. The children showed great enthusiasm when playing tag games. It was clear to see the progress made from the first week to now. The mini competition in the final session was a real highlight. The children applied their newly learnt skills into games in which there were many fantastic tries scored!


The Year 3 lunchtime club proved to be another eagerly anticipated one with the children showing great enthusiasm throughout. A whole host of excellent tries were scored each session; however, the final week competition took this one step further. Among the excellent team moves were also a range of outstanding individual performances. The difference between first and third place in the Tag Rugby competition were three brilliant tries. Well done to the Year 3 children who have all shown brilliant progress from the first to the last week.


The Year 4 Tag Rugby lunchtime club consisted of many well contested matches. The tactical play and teamwork on display by each team was fantastic to see. Each week, a mini competition was held at the end of the session which led nicely to the final week competition with all to play for. There was very little between the teams, however, it was a couple of outstanding tries that proved to be the difference between victory and defeat. It was a pleasure to see that the Year 4 children played each game with big smiles on their faces!


Both the Year 5 and Year 6 Competitions took place in a round robin format. With the new Rugby League format used within the Tag Rugby lunchtime clubs, each of the matches were fast paced and high scoring games. The end to end nature of the games meant that many children had the opportunity to get on the scoresheet. Each team across the Year 5 and Year 6 competitions performed well taking at least one victory each. The decisive factor between the teams was the way in which the winning teams were very positive in possession of the ball. This led to some great tries, rounding off excellent team moves.


The children have incorporated September and October’s values of ‘aspiration’ and ‘thankfulness’ extremely well within the lunchtime clubs. It has been great to see each child challenge themselves to learn more and develop whether that be through playing, officiating or coaching. Aaron, Amelie and Abby in Year 6 were brilliant examples of this by officiating within each of the sessions and being great role models to the younger children.


Mr Sanders - Lead Coach, Kick London