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Tag Rugby

Rugby training report 2018


This term the rugby teams have been training hard to get into the finals of the tag rugby tournament against the schools of the borough. This season has been a fun, but difficult experience for the players as the league rules changed last minute, it was up to their coaches (Mr Slade and Mr Hobbins) to guide them on the path of success. The players on the A team are Ben S, Amelie, Aaron, Maimuna, James, Abby, Audrey B, Tom, Fredrick and Armando. The players on the B team are Kalina, Luca, Francesca, Ruaridh, Oliver G, Lola, and Oliver S.

All of the players played amazingly in every fixture.


In the last few weeks, the teams were visited by a coach called Dominic Palacio, Head of Community Rugby from Richmond FC. Dominic was a huge help to the teams and encouraged them to be the best they could be.

The whole rugby squad would like to personally thank Mr Slade and Mr Hobbins for the time they have taken to train us.


By Audrey Bullard and Kalina Hristova


February 2018 Update


Year 5/6 Tag Rugby

It has been an excellent season for the A and B tag rugby season with huge improvements in their skill level and reading of the game. The A team have been ably led by Aaron and Abby - winning against Orleans. The B team remain unbeaten with two hard fought draws. We are looking forward to our final league fixtures against St Marys and Vineyard.


Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Tournament - 6.12.17


On Wednesday a few year 3s and year 4s went to play tag rugby at Christ school. When we got there it was very cold and windy. First we played St Elizabeth, we drew 3-3. After that we played Holy Trinity and we won 4-3.We only got to play two matches but it was fun. The matches started at 3:15pm and they finished at 4:00pm.Once we had finished our first game, we had to run around the goal and come back while St Elizabeth were playing Holy Trinity. Our coach was Mr Slade and all of the players were: Roshan, Herbie, Zack, Victoria, Mira, Laura, Connor, Jamie and Shay. There were nine players but only 7 played and 2 players were reserves. Sometimes we swapped players to make it fair.


By Victoria Baravik (4S)


Tag Rugby versus St Stephen's 29.11.17

Tag Rugby Borough League

A Team versus St Stephen's

3-3 Draw

A and B team versus Orleans 22.11.17

Tag Rugby Borough League

A team v Orleans

5-3 win


Tag Rugby Friendly

B team v Orleans

5-5 draw

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby with Holy Trinity and St Elizabeth's

Tag rugby against Orleans - 22.11.17


On the 22nd of November, our Tag rugby A team had a brilliant match against Orleans. A couple of minutes into the match, Orleans scored the first try, and then we knew we had to get our game together, to win some more back. In the next few minutes we gained our first try and had to work hard to win the rest of the game. After that, they won another try, meaning to us, to score more tries ourselves. At half time they were dominating the game by 2-1. It was hard, but the teachers, and ourselves, had faith in all us.


With a good spirit and committed for the second half, we knew we could win the match and within a few minutes we had regained another try. Soon enough we had taken lead 5-3 and the end of the game was approaching. After another couple of minutes, the whistle had been blown and we won! Well done to the Tag Rugby A team!


By Ben Sansbury (6A) Abby Pearce (6A)

Borough Tag Rugby Tournament 11.10.17

Marshgate v Holy Trinity Friendly 5.10.17

Marshgate vs Holy Trinity 5.10.17


It was a warm day and the Marshgate tag rugby team was ready for the start of what would be a tough but excellent season. The team was made out of: Tom Lambert, Aaron Kervick (c), Luca Rapisarda, Maimuna Camara, Ben Sansbury, Abby Pearce, Freddy Luing Turnball, James Alleyne, Audrey Bullard and Lola Williams. The first half started off with an amazing run down the wing by James, who had caught an excellent pass from Aaron Kervick, and took the opposition by surprise. After a 6 tags by us there was a turn over to us and the whole team was determined to score another try. This caused an excellent try from Luca Rapisarda, which made it 2-0. But Holy Trinity was not going down without a fight. They scored a try by running through our defence, who was confused and taken by surprise.


After a few minutes of hard work and passing it from one side of the pitch to the other, Tom Lambert scored a try which was a combination of speed and sidesteps. This caused the team to believe that they would be able to win this match, and moments later Ben Sansbury scored an excellent try by running down the right wing with such speed that the Holy Trinity defence could not reach him. Moments later, the referee blew the whistle and the Marshgate rugby team gathered around Mr Slade, who encouraged us to continue our excellent play. A few more tries from Holy Trinity and many more from Marshgate, the full time whistle blew and we all celebrated: it was 8-4 to us! Well done to all the team for their amazing performance and I hope we win many more matches.