Primary School

To be inspired and be inspiring

Work Examples

Darshan wrote a very informative report on the Maya

Jemima and Isabel produced excellent tension in their horror stories!

Sophie crafted a fantastic story

Louis' instructions were very clear
Louis also drew a great labelled diagram
Tea used excellent speech and punctuation

Future Poems

Thea's poem was very emotive
Kaan's poem had great rhythm changes

Persuasive Letter Writing - Mars Trip

Oscar B's letter was full of relevant experience
Owais's persuasive language was very compelling

I Lived on the Moon

Oscar S produced wonderful imagery in his piece
Aoife showed great use of starters and conjunction

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Writing

Haadi's storyline was detailed and engaging
Ollie had fantastic humour throughout his piece

Girl on a Tiger Writing

Ria produced lovely descriptive writing
Zach used excellent relative clauses