Primary School

To be inspired and be inspiring

Year 1



Unit title



Autumn 1

We are treasure hunters



Programming a toy to move


Creating algorithms for their routes around a map to find buried treasure.

Inputs put in and stored

Predict how a toy will move

 Debug a program

Autumn 2

We are TV chefs

Filming the steps of a recipe

Break down a process into simple, clear steps, as in an algorithm

Use different features of a video camera

Use a video camera to capture moving images

Discuss their work and think about how it could be improved

Spring 1

We are painters

Illustrating an eBook

Use the web safely to find ideas for an illustration

Select and use appropriate painting tools

Create and change images

Create an illustration for a particular purpose

Save, retrieve and change their work

 Reflect and act on feedback received

Spring 2

We are collectors

Finding images using the web

Find and use pictures on the web

know what to do if they encounter pictures that cause concern

Group images on the basis of a binary (yes/no) question

Organise images into more than two groups according to clear rules

Ask and answer binary (yes/no) questions about their images

Summer 1

We are storytellers

Producing a talking book

Communication/Collaboration work

E-safety (knowing what to do when concerned about internet content)

Recording sound

Using animation

Summer 2

We are celebrating

Creating a multimedia greetings card

Develop basic keyboard skills, through typing and formatting text

Develop basic mouse skills

Combine text and images

Use animation and sound

Use technology safely