Primary School

To be inspired and be inspiring

Year 2



Unit title



Autumn 1

We are astronauts


on-screen (Scratch)

Algorithms as sequences of instructions

Convert simple algorithms to programs

Predict what a simple program will do

Spot and fix (debug) errors in their programs

Autumn 2

We are games testers

Exploring how computer games work

Describe carefully what happens in computer games

Use logical reasoning to make predictions about what a program will do

Test these predictions

Be aware of how to use games safely and in balance with other activities

Spring 1

We are photographers

Taking better photos (Picasa, Pixlr and iphoto app)

Consider the technical and artistic merits of photographs

Use a digital camera or camera app

take digital photographs

Review and reject images

Edit and enhance photographs

Select best images to include in a shared


Spring 2

We are researchers

Researching a topic

Work as part of a group

Searching for information on the internet

Improve note-taking skills through the use of mind mapping

Develop presentation skills through creating and delivering a presentation.

Summer 1

We are detectives

Communicating clues

Using email, databases

E-safety (‘netiquette,’ viruses)

Understand that email can be used to communicate

Open, compose and send emails

Open and listen to audio files

Use appropriate language in emails

Edit and format text in emails

Summer 2

We are zoologists

Recording data

Using online maps

GPS systems (their uses, security issues)

Sort and classify a group of items by answering questions

Collect data using tick charts or tally charts

Use simple charting software to produce

pictograms and other basic charts

Take, edit and enhance photographs

Record information on a digital map