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Year 3



Unit title



Autumn 1

We are programmers

Programming an animation (Scratch)

Create an algorithm for an animated scene in the form of a storyboard

Write a program in Scratch to create the animation

Correct mistakes in their animation programs

Autumn 2

We are bug fixers

Finding and correcting bugs in programs

Develop a number of strategies for finding errors in programs

Build up resilience and strategies for problem solving

Recognise a number of common types of bugs in software

Spring 1

We are presenters

Videoing performance (Microsoft Moviemaker)

Gain skills in shooting live video, such as framing shots, holding the camera steady, and reviewing

Edit video, including adding narration and editing clips by setting in/out points

Understand the qualities of effective video, such as the importance of narrative, consistency, perspective and scene length

Spring 2

We are network engineers

Exploring computer networks, including the internet (use of command prompts: ping, nslookup & other equivalent web-based tools)

Understand the physical hardware connections necessary for computer networks to work

Understand some features of internet protocols

Understand some diagnostic tools for investigating network connections

Develop a basic understanding of how domain names are converted to IP addresses

Summer 1

We are communicators

Communicating safely on the internet

Build on skills from Year 2 Summer 1

Gain skills in using email

Be aware of broader issues surrounding email, including ‘netiquette’ and e-safety

work collaboratively with a remote partner

Experience video conferencing

Understand how email works (packets, servers, Domain Name Systems)

Summer 2

We are opinion pollsters

Collecting and analysing data

Understand some elements of survey design

Understand some ethical and legal aspects of online data collection

Use the web to facilitate data collection

Gain skills in using charts to analyse data

Gain skills in interpreting results

Create their own survey and analyse the results