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Year 3

Please see below for the Sport Leaders' report on their progress so. 


Sport Council in Year 3 - report by Marina and James

In Year 3 there is a new Sport Council. There are seven children in it and they are Marina, James, Harry, Oskar, Luka, Jude and Avyaya.  Exercise is so important for our well-being so it is our job is to promote activity, health, playground games and exercise.

This half term we decided to run active competitions at playtime.  Our first competition was a speed bounce. Children had to jump over and back across a hurdle as many times as possible in a minute. Depending on their score, children could earn a bronze, silver or Gold certificate. We will run different competitions and activities at play times throughout the school year. We are happy because nearly all the children in year 3 have at least joined the first sports council game. 

Footnote from Mr Healy - I have been really impressed by the Sport leaders so far this half term, they have really taken to their task to promote activity and exercise. It has been a real success so far and I look forward to seeing more leadership from them in the coming weeks.

Lunchtime Speed Bounce Competition

Lunchtime Races

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