Primary School

To be inspired and be inspiring

Year 5



Unit title



Autumn 1

We are game developers

Developing an interactive game

Create original artwork and sound for a game

Design and create a computer program for a computer game, which uses sequence, selection, repetition and variables

Detect and correct errors in their computer game

Make and test a series of small changes to improve their game

Autumn 2

We are cryptographers

Cracking codes

Be familiar with semaphore and Morse code

Understand the need for private information to be encrypted

Encrypt and decrypt messages in simple ciphers

Appreciate the need to use complex passwords and to keep them secure

Understand how encryption works on the web

Spring 1

We are artists

Fusing geometry and art

Develop an appreciation of the links between geometry and art

Become familiar with the tools and techniques of a vector graphics package

Develop an understanding of turtle graphics

Experiment with the tools available, refining and developing their work as they apply their own criteria

Evaluate and receive feedback from

their peers

Spring 2

We are web developers

Creating a website about cyber safety

Develop their research skills to decide what information is appropriate

Understand some elements of how search engines select and rank results

Question the plausibility and quality of information

Develop their understanding of e-safety and responsible use of technology

Summer 1

We are bloggers

Sharing experiences and opinions

 Designing in HTML and CSS

 Become familiar with blogs as a medium

 and a genre of writing

Create a sequence of blog posts on a theme

Incorporate additional media

Comment on the posts of others

Summer 2

We are architects

Creating a virtual space

3D modelling

Creating virtual tours

Develop familiarity with a simple CAD (computer aided design) tool

Develop spatial awareness by exploring and experimenting with a 3D virtual environment