Primary School

To be inspired and be inspiring

Year 6



Unit title



Autumn 1

We are app planners

Planning the creation of a mobile app

Develop an awareness of the capabilities of smartphones and tablets

Understand geolocation, including GPS

Identify interesting, solvable problems

Evaluate competing products

Pitch a proposal for a smartphone or tablet app

Autumn 2

We are project managers

Developing project management skills

Scope a project to identify different components that must be successfully combined

Identify their existing talents and plan how they can develop further knowledge and skills

Identify the component tasks of a project Develop a timeline to track progress

Identify the resources they’ll need to accomplish a project

Use web-based research skills to source tools, content and other resources

Consider strategies to ensure the quality of a collaborative project

Spring 1

We are market researchers

Researching the app market

Create a set of good survey questions

Analyse the data obtained from a survey

Plan questions and conduct an interview or focus group

Analyse and interpret the information obtained

 Present their research findings

Spring 2

We are interface designers

Designing an interface for an app

Design the app’s interface

Use wire framing tools to create a design prototype of their app

Develop or source the individual interface

components (media assets) they will use

Address accessibility and inclusion issues

Document their design decisions and the process they’ve followed.

Summer 1

We are app developers

Developing a simple mobile phone app (App Inventor / Touch Develop)

Become familiar with another programming toolkit

Import existing media assets to their project

Write down the algorithms for their app

Program, debug and refine the code for their app

Thoroughly test and evaluate their app

Summer 2

We are marketers

Creating video and web copy for a mobile phone app

Consider key marketing messages, including identifying a unique selling point

Develop a printed flyer or brochure incorporating text and images

Further develop skills relating to shooting and editing video