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4A visit to the Dr Who Experience - February 2011

4A were lucky enough get the chance to go on a visit the Doctor Who Experience at Kensington Olympia!


We were all extremely excited as the coach pulled up in front of the studio. When we went inside we walked up the stairs and through the doors.  What we saw through the door was outstanding!

Some of us say that their favourite part was a 3D film when all the aliens came out. Others say their favourite part was when we went into a room and other aliens came out of holes in each direction.

After we had lunch we went into a massive room and walked round it in our groups.  We saw pictures of all the doctors a long time ago. We also saw some of the old assistant’s clothing. When we got back to school we planned all sort of Literacy lessons involving Doctor Who!!

4A would all like to thank Mr & Mrs Arthur for giving us the opportunity to go and have such a wonderful time.  We would also like to thank Ms Jackson who said the school could pay for the coach.


By Megan 4A