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Wellness Warriors

See our 'Latest News' section for details of all recent Wellness Warrior Champions. 

Winners - Tadpole Class

Congratulations to Tadpole class who were this half term's most active class, accumulating a massive 64 points. Well done to all the classes for their effort. Can you become more active and win Spring 1's Wellness Warrior Trophy?

Every half term in Marshgate, each class competes in the Wellness Warrior Challenge.

The Wellness Warrior trophy is awarded to the most active class in the school for that term.


Each class is awarded points depending on the activity undertaken. For example, a daily mile earns 1 point, an active lesson earns 2 points or a Wake Up Shake Up activity earns 1 point.


Classes collect points over the 6 week half term and whoever has the most at the end of the half term wins the Wellness Warrior trophy for the most active class.


Who will be this half term's winner of the Marshgate Wellness Warrior Challenge? Scroll down to find out.


Why not also have a look at the pictures to see some of the activities the children have been completing.