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Parent Mail

At Marshgate Primary School we are pleased to be able to communicate with 100% of our parents and carers by email.  We have been using Parent Mail successfully for many years for parents and carers to receive emails and text messages.  If a parent or carer is unable to print a letter or form they are always able to collect a paper copy from the school office.


When a child first joins Marshgate his or her parents and carers are sent a link either by text message or email to register with Parent Mail.  If other family members would also like to receive messages, such as grandparents or au pairs, they can be sent the link to register too.


Once registered with Parent Mail users are able to log on to their Parent Mail account at any time to view messages sent for their child's class, year group or whole school messages.  We also use the Parents Evening Manager to make bookings for teacher and parent/carer meetings.


Please note the text and email link to register must be activated within seven days after which it expires.     


Please see the link to the Parent Mail website below and to a further page which gives answers to some of the queries you may have.