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I do not understand the Reading stages. How do the children progress?

Marshgate, along with many other schools, 'band' reading books into colours which represent National Curriculum Levels, not stages.  This ensures that children's reading 'diet' is not dominated by one scheme (e.g. Oxford Reading Tree, 1,2,3 Away) or genre (e.g. stories, Information Books).  As the children progress with their reading level, they move through the coloured bands, e.g. Level 1c is Yellow, 1c/1b is blue, 1b is green etc.  

Children reading at NC level 1c may be reading ORT books Stage 3 but also from Rigby Star or other schemes.  We no longer follow 'stages' as seen on the back cover of books, because each scheme has its own stages and a child may move up or down stages from Stage 3 to 1, then to 2, then back to 1 again but would still be assessed by the teacher as a 1c because all of the books read fall into that levelled 'band'.