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To be inspired and be inspiring


English is delivered through a combination of high-quality teaching and a carefully sequenced, broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum that fulfils the aims of the National Curriculum. At Marshgate, we want to create confident communicators, skilled writers, and children who take pleasure in and have a very real 'love of reading.' 


The varied needs of children are recognised and catered for specifically as teachers ensure that lessons are planned and adapted for all learners. We believe that being multilingual is an asset and we respect and celebrate the variety of languages in our school community.  Teachers listen to what pupils say about English, recognise what they enjoy and understand how best to support and challenge.  Rich experiences of the spoken word engage pupils, enhancing their learning in the different areas of English. The oral skills of our youngest pupils are developed through structured role play.  Teachers plan carefully for the development of speaking and listening in class, making effective use of drama and group activities. The school's approach to writing ensures a purpose and audience for each unit of work in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two and this further promotes spoken word opportunities.


We strongly believe that synthetic phonics teaching is the key to pupils learning to read successfully and with confidence. In the Reception and Key Stage One classes pupils are immersed in a thorough and engaging programme of phased phonics learning. Progress is continually monitored. Pupils needing additional support are identified and supported through early intervention, which is continued into Key Stage Two. A positive reading environment is promoted through a balance of shared, guided and regular independent reading in all year groups.  Teachers read and talk with enthusiasm, recommending texts and promoting opportunities for pupils to read for enjoyment and learning both within and beyond the curriculum. The school's early reading and phonics scheme is 'Read Write Inc Phonics' - please see our Phonics page for more information. Throughout Key Stage Two, reading comprehension skills continue to be taught and developed through lessons focused on high-quality texts. Each unit of writing also has a linked text, carefully selected, to both inspire and to model structured writing to children.  


Writing composition skills are highly promoted through the quality teaching of grammar, spelling and punctuation. Recent research (Ofsted Review 2022) shows that 'grammatical structures of a text carry much of the writer’s intended meaning and exploring these choices in texts allows children to understand the writer’s thoughts better.' Our teaching includes modelling, followed by extensive, deliberate practice. The 'Jane Considine Writing' approach is followed to ensure children write for real audiences and purposes: to describe, narrate, explain, instruct, give and respond to information, and argue. This is an important factor to motivate and inspire our children's writing.  

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