Primary School

To be inspired and be inspiring


The school aims to develop in its pupils a lively enthusiasm for music.  This involves the following activities, which will be part of everyday life in school and be involved in all other subjects and classroom topics:

Sound awareness

Singing - group and solo

Rhythmic awareness

Percussion activities relating to the development of the musical concepts of:- Rhythm




Movement will also play a strong part in developing these concepts.


Music is seen as an essential aspect of life, linking enjoyment, practical skills, discipline, emotional satisfaction, social involvement and spiritual awareness.  We have a well equipped music room.

Instrument Tuition


The Richmond Music Trust (a registered charity) offers instrumental teaching beginning with stringed instruments and recorders at Key Stage 1 and moving on to wind and brass instrument at Key Stage 2.

Children are also able to make full use of a well-equipped music room where they will be able to listen to, respond to and make their own music. 


Please also see the Music Notes page of this school website.