Primary School

To be inspired and be inspiring


At Marshgate Primary School, our music curriculum is designed to ignite a passion for music in every child. Our goal is to inspire creativity, confidence, and a lifelong love of music. Through engaging weekly music classes and an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities, we provide a nurturing environment where every child, regardless of their background or musical experience, can thrive.


In our lessons, children have the chance to explore various musical concepts through the three areas of the music curriculum: improvisation and composition, performance, singing and instrumental playing, and listening and appraising. With access to a class set of tuned percussion instruments and a range of un-tuned percussion instruments, they can express themselves freely and develop their musical skills. 


We believe that exposure to different musical styles and traditions is essential for broadening children's horizons. At Marshgate we draw upon the musical experiences and rich and varied cultural backgrounds of our children. We listen to music from around the world and throughout history, fostering cultural understanding and appreciation.


Singing and playing tuned percussion instruments are the cornerstones of our music programme - Sing Up. In addition to classroom singing and percussion playing, children participate in weekly singing assemblies, developing their singing skills and building a sense of unity through music. We also provide numerous opportunities for children to showcase their efforts through school assemblies and concerts, community events, and performances to their peers. These experiences not only help children grow as musicians but also boost their confidence and sense of achievement.


All children also have the opportunity to learn a range of musical instruments. In Year 4 they receive free instrumental tuition during the autumn term as part of the ‘Wider Opportunities’ programme taught by Richmond Music Trust. There is a wide range of specialist instrumental tuition that is also provided by Richmond Music Trust and is available from Year 1 onwards for children to access.  Children can also participate in extra-curricular music including a non-selective Year 3 & 4 and Year 5 & 6 choir, music bandz orchestra, string ensemble, rock bandz club, and a music technology club. Please see our Music Notes and School Clubs website page for further information. 


Click above to access RMT website - further information regarding tuition and wider opportunities