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To be inspired and be inspiring

PSA Constitution



As approved at a Special General Meeting of the PSA held on 10 July 2015



1             Name


The association shall be called “Marshgate Primary School Parent Staff Association” (the “PSA”).


2              Objective


2.1          The objective of the PSA is to advance and enhance the education of the pupils in Marshgate Primary School (the “School”) and to improve relations between staff at the School (the “Staff”), Parents (defined in clause 3.1 below) and the community. Without limitation, the PSA may:


(a) raise funds for curricular and non-curricular activities and resources;

(b) organise social events amongst the members; and

(c) provide a point of contact between parents and staff as required.


2.2          The PSA shall be, and at all times remain, non party political and non sectarian.


2.3          In undertaking work to meet the objective set out at clause 2.1, the PSA shall at all times conform with any and all relevant requirements of the law.



3              Membership & President of the PSA


3.1.         All parents and/or guardians of current pupils at the School (“Parents”) and Staff have automatic membership of the PSA (and shall each be a “Member” and together the “Members” of the PSA), subject to the following conditions:


(a) membership of the PSA will be free;

(b) all members have full voting rights;

(c) membership of the PSA will end for Parents on the day their child leaves the School; and

(d) membership will end for Staff on the day they leave the employ of the School.


3.2          The Head Teacher of the School from time to time shall be invited to be president of the PSA.



4              Administration


4.1          The PSA shall be managed by a committee (the “Committee”), made up of the Officers (defined in clause 4.2 below) and Committee Members (defined in clause 4.3 below).


4.2          Nomination and Election of Officers


4.2.1      The following officers (each an “Officer” and together the “Officers”) shall be nominated, seconded and elected as required at an Annual General Meeting (“AGM”), or a Special General Meeting (“SGM”) of the PSA:


                (a) a Chairperson;

(b) a Secretary;

(c) a Treasurer; and

(d) any other officers as deemed necessary by the Committee from time to time. 


For the avoidance of doubt, any of the Officer positions may be co-held by two or more Parents and or Staff.


4.2.2      Parents or Staff who wish to be considered for the position of an Officer must be present, and nominated and seconded, at the relevant AGM or SGM by a then current Officer or Committee Member.  No self-nominations are permitted.  Officers or Committee Members who are unable to attend the relevant AGM or SGM may submit nominations in writing to the then current Secretary before the date of such meeting.


4.2.3      Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of Members present at voting at the AGM or SGM [provided such meeting is quorate], voting by a show of hands.  All candidates will be asked to leave the room whilst voting takes place.


4.3          Term and Termination of Office


4.3.1      Each Officer shall hold their position for a period of approximately eighteen (18) months from appointment (their “Term”), commencing with the AGM or SGM at which they are elected, and ending with the AGM or SGM called at or around the expiry of the Term, subject to the provisions of clauses 4.3.2 to 4.3.5 below.


4.3.2      Any Officer may resign their position at any time during their Term on not less than four (4) weeks’ written notice to the Committee.


4.3.3      In the event of reasonable evidence of fraud or gross misconduct, Officers or Committee Members can be removed from their position with immediate effect by a simple majority of Members present and voting at a SGM, voting by a show of hands. 


4.3.4      In the event of the early termination of any Officer’s Term, the vacancy created should be for the outstanding period of the eighteen (18) months referred to in clause 4.3.1 above.  The Committee may fill any such casual vacancies of officer positions by co-option (to be agreed by a simple majority of the Committee, voting by a show of hands) until the next AGM or SGM.


4.3.5      Upon expiry of their Term, any Officer may seek re-nomination to the Committee, in accordance with clause 4.2 above.




4.4          Committee Members


All Parents who hold the position of class representative at the School will be deemed a member of the Committee (each being a “Member”)



4.5          Committee Meetings



The Committee shall meet at least once during each school term.  Five (5) members of the Committee, to include at least one Officer and a member of Staff shall constitute a quorum.  The Head Teacher of the School shall have the right to attend meetings of the Committee and/or to be informed of the outcome thereof.



4.6          Sub-Committees


The Committee may appoint subcommittees as it deems reasonably necessary, provided that any and all acts and proceedings of any such subcommittee shall be submitted for agreement from at least two Officers and no subcommittee may incur any expense, or spend any funds of the PSA without the authorisation of the Treasurer and one (2) other Officers.



5              General Meetings



5.1          The AGM shall be held during the autumn term of the school year, for the purpose of: (i) receiving reports and accounts and; (ii) (where necessary) the election of any Officers of the Committee.  At least fifteen (15) days’ notice of the AGM shall be given to Members via email.


5.2          Any SGM may be called at the direction of the Committee or at the request of not less than five (5) Members, such request to be made in writing to the Secretary stating the reason for SGM.  At least five (5) days’ notice of any SGM shall be given to Members via email.


5.3          Seven (7) Members, to include at least one Officer and a member of Staff shall constitute a quorum for any AGM or SGM.



6              Accounts and Finances



6.1          The Treasurer shall keep accounts of all income and expenditure and shall produce a duly audited statement in accordance with legal accounting requirements.


6.2          An auditor shall be appointed by the general agreement of the Committee provided that such auditor may not be a Member.



6.3          Bank accounts shall be prepared up to 31st August each year and duly audited within six (6) months of each year end. Such audited bank accounts must be submitted at the next scheduled meeting of the Committee following the audit.


6.4          Bank accounts shall be operated in the name of the PSA and withdrawals shall be made on the signature of any two of the following: Treasurer, Secretary or Chairperson.


6.5          Members shall not receive payment either directly or indirectly for their services but may be reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of the association.


6.6          The Committee shall be responsible for the funds and the properties of the PSA.


6.7          PSA reserve policy requires that a minimum of £10,000 be held in an instantly accessible bank account at all times.



7              General


7.1          The PSA shall ensure that it holds sufficient Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance to cover its meetings, activities, officers and committee.


7.2          Any matter not provided for in this constitution concerning the organisation and activities of the PSA shall be dealt with by the Committee, whose decision shall be final.


7.3          No amendment to this constitution may be made except at an AGM or SGM called for this purpose.  Any amendment to this constitution must be agreed by not less than 75% of the Members present and voting at such AGM or SGM, voting by a show of hands.



8              Dissolution


8.1          The PSA may only be dissolved in accordance with this clause 8.


8.2          A SGM to discuss the proposed dissolution of the PSA must be called in accordance with clause 5.2 above.  At such SGM, a proposal for the dissolution shall be made, giving the reasons for the proposed dissolution, and setting out plans for the disposal of any assets of the PSA which may remain after satisfying any outstanding debts and liabilities (the “Dissolution Proposal”).  Such plans may not include the distribution of assets to the Members but should suggest that they be donated to the school, or in the event of the school closure, to the school to which the majority of the children from the closing school will attend. If effect cannot be given to this provision, then the assets may be donated to some other charitable purpose nominated by the Committee.


8.3          The Dissolution Proposal must be agreed by not less than 75% of the Members present and voting at such SGM, voting by a show of hands.