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Foreign Languages

We are proud to be a community that celebrates different cultures, languages and traditions from all over the world. Helping the children enjoy and understand this rich school community through the explicit teaching of a foreign language and its related culture is extremely important. Bilingualism is a huge asset that many children at the school already possess and we are keen to show the great value in knowing different languages.


Children are taught French by a specialist teacher once a week from Year 1 (statutory from Year 3), and this continues up until they leave the school in Year 6, ready to take their language learning on to key stage 3. 


Songs, games, interactive lessons and books are just some of the resources used to engage children in learning key vocabulary when they begin their French lessons in Key Stage 1 and this varied approach to making language learning fun continues right up to Upper Key Stage 2 where they will also practise having conversations, understanding grammar and writing in the language too. 

Please see some useful links to learning French below.


Crickweb links to various vocabulary areas               Find lots of engaging French games at this site


Topmarks links to lots of other very useful sites