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Sports Day

KS2 Sport Experience Day


Each Year, Marshgate hosts a KS2 Sports Experience Day. KS2 spend the day experiencing a broad range of different sports that they would not usually get to experience or participate in in their normal PE curriculum. This year, each class got to try 5 different sports throughout the day and also took part in a Sports Day quiz where they learned about some of their teachers' more interesting sporting achievements. 

The list of Sports that children took part in were; Gaelic Football, Wheelchair Basketball, Street Dance, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Boxing Fitness and Ultimate Frisbee. 


The day was a huge success and the children all had a wonderful. I would like to thank London GAA for the Gaelic football sessions, Richmond Knights for the Wheelchair basketball and a huge thank you to Kick London and their coaches who catered for the rest of the sports. 


Mr Healy.


Check out some of the pictures from the day below.