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Ten ways to help the PSA if you don't have time to volunteer




1. Switch on Amazon Smile on your Amazon app. All you have to do is choose ‘Marshgate Primary School PTA’ and every time you make an eligible purchase Amazon will donate a small amount to the PSA.


2. Check with your employer if they have a match funding policy. As the PSA is a registered charity, many organisations will match the funds raised at an event (such as our summer and winter fairs) either as a total or at the stall that their employee is working on.


3. Bring in physical donations that we can use for our events. Homemade of shop-bought treats for a bake sale, books your child no longer reads for our book bazaars, items we usually collect on Mufti Days that we can use as prizes… they are all welcome.


4. Let us know if you have a particular skill. You may be an artist, are good at research, enjoy face painting or have another talent that we could make use at one of our events or fundraising activities.


5. Remember that Hamptons Richmond is our real estate sponsor. For every property that they sell or let on behalf of a Marshgate family they will donate to the PSA £750 per completed sale (£250 per completed let)… just don’t forget to mention ‘Marshgate PSA’ when you talk to them!


6. Visit our page at People’s Fundraising if you would like to make a monetary donation. You can make a one-off donation or set up a direct debit for as little as a few pounds each month and we can claim gift aid too.


7. Have a think if there are any local businesses that you know the owner of or are a regular. Could you have a chat with them if they would be willing to support the PSA by offering a prize, resources or sponsorship at one of our events?


8. Buy that cupcake! All funds raised at PSA events ultimately go back to the school and our children – so it may sound obvious but by purchasing tickets for Film Nights, getting a yummy treat at a bake sale or coming to our fairs you are helping us!


9. Follow the PSA on Facebook and, where relevant, tag us and share your photos with us. The larger our number of followers is, the more likely it will be for businesses to support our events.


10. Talk to us. Our coffee mornings and our Annual General Meeting (AGM) are a great way to find out more about the PSA and have a say… after all, we are here to represent our community!