Primary School

To be inspired and be inspiring


At Marshgate Primary School, children experience working with a wide range of media and are taught knowledge and skills which they then apply and develop as they progress through the school. This includes a range of complex techniques within mark making, drawing, colour, shape and texture. All children use a sketchbook from EYFS until Year 6 so that they can explore their techniques and appreciate their own progression and creativity through the years. 


By the end of their time at Marshgate, children will leave with an understanding of a range of significant artists, as well as lesser-known artists, covering a breadth of ethnicity, culture and gender. At Marshgate, children are encouraged to think critically about their work and how it links to the work of these artists. Children are also encouraged to reflect on the ways that art and design has shaped history and contributed to cultures around the world.


Children are taught to be observant, to investigate and appreciate their surroundings, to derive joy from their own creativity and that of others, and that they are the next generation of artists!