Primary School

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Fun Challenges to do at Home

Here are some extra activities that you can do at home. 
Picture 1
Picture 1 Find objects in the house to make a colour wheel

Some other activities that you could try out:


Make an instrument

Make slime

Find an object for each letter of the alphabet

Help to write the shopping list

Tell stories to your toys- or put on a play with them

Learn to fold your clothes

Help to organise the cupboards

Play 'Kim's Game' (memory game)

Make giant bubbles

Go onto the 'Gonoodle' website and try out an active video

Watch a live video of David Walliams or another author reading their books

We also asked the Year 1 children what they would like to do to show kindness at home, below is the list they made:


Help with housework

Play football in the garden

Draw pictures

Make a big picture together

Play a game- puzzles, board games, Lego, blocks

Help with shopping

Do nice things for your parents