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Please have a look below at 100 recommended books for year 6. We've tried to think of every angle so they are a mixture of classics and new fiction; funny and sad; fantasy and real-life and plenty more in-between!


Although this is an old document, it gives plenty of interesting activity ideas for practising writing skills at home (please note: pages 2-3 are no longer relevant in the national curriculum).


This document shows all the spelling patterns and words the children are expected to know (and will be tested on) in year 6. They are expected to know all rules and words from Year 1-6.


Please see the previous page for links to:


Mymaths - a great website for learning concepts and coverage of the curriculum. The children have a generic username and password that they can use to access the whole site as well as a personalised login to use when accessing homework.


Nrich - a fantastic resource for deep and challenging mathematical problems).


Please also see the maths curriculum page for links to our calculation policy (to show methods used in school):