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Active Kids Sainsbury's vouchers

We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has shopped at Sainsbury's and brought in their Active Kids vouchers.  We bought the following with all the 28,487 vouchers:


Zig Zag Tunnel X1

Stampabouts X6

Foam Tennis balls X1

Kangaroo balls X2

Playground balls X2

Large dance scarves X1

Soft discus' X5

Bucket of tennis balls X2

Ball bag X1

Mini Tennis rackets X4

Storage Boxes X2

Road safety activity set X1

Huff and puff skipping pack X1

Dodgeballs X6

Bounce mat X1

Pizza tray X4

Slazenger mini tennis net and post set X1

Basketball net X1

Volleyballs X8

Bean bags X3

Oven tray X3


Thank you from Mr Hobbins and Mr Aylett