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ClassList - new communication tool for PSA

The PSA will be trialling a new tool called Classlist over the spring and summer term.


Please note, Classlist WILL NOT replace Parent Mail.  Parent Mail is a tool used by Marshgate Primary School that will continue to provide all official information about class/school related information like class trips, curriculum content, initial information about PSA events and any other activities the school is responsible for.  This should be your first point of call for school information.


Communications is a huge challenge for the PSA currently.  Currently, there are at least seven different ways we communicate information about our events and activities.  We have been investigating ways we can improve communications over the last 6-8 months and after doing a lot of research and talking with other local schools, Classlist was the best tool that would fit our needs as a PSA as well as a school community.


We want Classlist to be our ONLY "go-to" tool for all communication in relation to PSA events and activities.


So what can Classlist do for us?  At a high level, it can support the PSA with:


  • Event Communications and ticketing (current tool: pta-events)
  • Sign ups to help get volunteers with events (current tool: Sign-up genius and in some cases, pta-events)
  • Communication about PSA related activities (current tools: numerous including Parentmail, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.)


So ultimately, the capability within Classlist can take many of the great parts of the 7+ tools we currently use to communicate and consolidates it into ONE!  So now, when you want to know about events and PSA activities, buy tickets, sign up to volunteer, you will go to Classlist and nowhere else.


We will still send ONE Parent Mail for each of our events so we can ensure the entire community knows about all our amazing activities and events, and of course, all PSA events will continue to be part of the Marshgate school calendar and newsletter.


In addition, Classlist is FULLY GDPR compliant, giving YOU the choice of what information you want to share with people AND how you want to be notified, but not have to miss out on important communications.


Classlist can also support other class social activities beyond the PSA to help build a community.


The added benefit of Classlist is that it isn't just a PSA tool, but can be adopted by classes to also replace all current channels of communications they may use (such as email, text, WhatsApp, etc.).  Some things it can do to support class communications include:


  • News feed style posting area for classes to communicate (current tool: Emails and What's App for most classes)
  • Sign-ups for school Party Day food and refreshments (current tool: Sign up Genius)
  • Creation of open groups to help build a community (as an example, you can create a 'Book Club' group and make it open to the whole Marshgate community to get others that may be interested in joining you)
  • Create a 'Private' event for class get togethers or even for your child's birthday party


We believe not only will Classlist make it much easier and reduce amount of work for the PSA, Class Reps and parents/carers to communicate with one another, but also makes it clear where parents can go to get the information they need.


Your Class Rep will contact you about this and give information about how to sign up:

  1. Download the app onto your phone from the appropriate app store
  2. Register on Classlist!
  3. Once you register, you will be approved by your Class Rep (this is to ensure we have parents/carers that are part of our community on the platform only, keeping it private and secure!)

If you have any questions, a group has been set up named 'Classlist Questions' as well as 'Ask the PSA'!


Thanks so much!


Stacy, Katy and Laura

Your PSA Team