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Head Teacher letter from Ms Jackson, 17 June 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


As you know “Freedom Day” 21 June 2021 has now been delayed to the 19 July 2021.  As a result, we have, unfortunately, had to change arrangements for some of the end of term planned activities. These events were originally planned to be live.  We are, of course, trying to keep as many of these as possible but now delivered according to Government Covid safe requirements.  Please see below for all arrangements.


Sports Experience Day             Reception & KS1 24 June 2021                    KS2 25 June 2021

No adults can attend but we will ensure all the children will have a wonderful day to remember experiencing different sports which they may not have come across before. All children can come in their PE uniform for their Sports Experience Day.


Year 6 School Journey - 28 June – 2 July 2021

This is permitted to go ahead with all children and adults maintaining the socially distanced bubble (the same as at school) throughout the trip.


Early Years Information Evening for the new Reception Parents and Carers 2021 – 30 June 2021

This will now be a virtual event.  Ms Wrigley (Early Years’ Leader) will send out all the details.


New 2021 Reception Pupil and Parent classroom visits – 6 July 2021

This will be a virtual visit (video to meet your class teacher and see the classroom). Ms Wrigley (Early Years’ Leader) will send out all the details.


Open Evening for all year groups – 8 July 2021

You will have already received your child’s very full report before this event.  As is usual, there are no individual appointments for this evening. This event will be arranged for fifteen parents from each class to visit their child’s classroom during an hour slot, see their books, and have a quick chat with their teacher (who will be in the playground).  Only one parent from each family may attend and no children are permitted. Details and the available hour for you will be sent out nearer the time.


Year 6 Production – 13 July 2021 and 14 July 2021

Two performances will take place over two days.  Only thirty socially distanced adults (one adult from a family) will be permitted to attend each performance.  The performance will also be filmed to share with other family members.  A booking survey will be sent out nearer the time.


Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly – 16 July 2021

This will be an outdoor event. One adult from each family may attend and adults must stay in groups of thirty socially distanced. There will be an allocated place for each class’s adults in the playground. Should it rain you will need to bring an umbrella as we cannot move the event to inside.


Pupil move up afternoon - 16 July 2021

This will be a virtual event.


Party Day – 19 July 2021

If permitted by the 19 July, this will go ahead as planned.  Please note children will need to bring in their own individual party food that day (no restrictions, but please note no nuts and or food containing nuts).  School meals and packed lunches will not be provided by Harrisons on Party Day.  Children can wear their own clothes on this day.


Year 6 Disco – 19 July 2021

If permitted by the 19 July, this will go ahead as planned. If not a Year 6 evening outdoor event will be organised (not a disco) but Year 6 will be able to have an evening event in their bubble.


Year 6 last day – 20 July 2021

Year 6 finish time on the last day will be 1.30pm.  Adults may collect from the large KS2 playground. This will enable the Year 6’s and adults to have some time and space to say goodbye to each other.

All other year groups will finish at 2.00pm on the last day and can be collected from the usual bubble points.


Best wishes.

E T Jackson

Ms E Jackson

Head Teacher