Primary School

To be inspired and be inspiring


Reading Books

Every week, the children receive two reading books, selected by their class teacher and sent home in a reading folder for them to practise reading with you at home. Please add comments about how your child is getting on, next to the book title in the reading record book. This can include things they did well, found difficult or their opinion of the book.

Please see the document below for information to help you to understand how you can support your child with their reading.



Library Books

In addition to the two reading books that we send home every week, the children are able to choose their own book from the library. This is also kept in the reading folder so that the children know which books belong to them.


Book Changes

All reading books are collected in on a Thursday and sent home on a Friday


Library books are changed during our class visit time to the library:


Butterfly Class - Wednesday

Caterpillar - Thursday


Please could all reading folders be returned in book bags for these changing days.